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10 September 09:00 - 19:00Futurice

We'd be delighted if you could join us for this one-off mini conference at Futurice, Berlin. Here's what you can expect from this free- event. 

The Schedule 

MORNING ­ Speakers

9am ­ Guests to arrive and register 

9:30am ­ Opening with Futurice & ThingsCon

9:45am ­ Ricardo Brito 

10:30am ­ Break 

10:45am ­ Boris Anthony

11:30am ­ Break

11:45am ­ Introduction to the afternoon exercise

12:15pm ­ Lunch Break

AFTERNOON ­ Workshop

1:30pm ­ Groups formed 

1:40pm ­ Ideation and concept creations

3:40pm ­ The ideas presented

4:20pm ­ Voting

4:45pm ­ Closing words by Futurice & ThingsCon

5:00pm Socialising & Drinks

This event is a local community event as part of ThingsCon but run independently. 

About Futurice 

Futurice is a new breed of innovation consultancy that has digital values at its core. We inject life into digital solutions by designing innovative mobile apps and online software – all with a focus on user experience and interaction. We believe that the winning recipe for digital projects is happy people, happy customers, and happy users. Our customers span financial services, media, automotive and energy, amongst others.  

Founded in 2000 we are over 300-strong and growing. A Finnish company, our HQ is in Helsinki and we have offices in Tampere, Stockholm, London, Berlin and Munich.

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About ThingsCon 

We understand ThingsCon contributing to a movement of practitioners who champion shared values: openness, sharing, diversity & inclusivity, sustainability and collaboration in all things “connected” – from products and services to IoT, from consumer goods to smart cities and more. Currently in IoT, not all voices are heard equally, and not all services and products are designed in a way that is human-centric and with the public good in mind. We believe that a network of practitioners working with aligned values can change this. Through networked action, we can make and advocate for technology that is a force for good. Together with you, we can collectively have a meaningful impact on the lives of hundreds of millions, one product or policy at a time.

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All you need to know

We'll be updating this closer to the time with all of the information you need in advance of the event. 

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Ricardo Brito
Service & UX Designer - Futurice

A New Design Mindset

Connected technologies opened new possibilities and changed the way we design products and services. The role and the ways of work of a designer are changing along, demanding a new and broader vision of Design that includes business, technology and lots of empathy.

Ricardo Brito

Ricardo Brito is a Service and UX Designer with Futurice Germany. He is developing successful digital services and is pushing the boundaries with new concepts in the design domain and outside of it. His current focus is on the future of IoT, Digital Disruption, Hyper Local Services and Smart Cities. Ricardo is one of the Inventors of Futurice's IoT Service Design Kit that enables teams to test-drive IoT concepts in the real world, and one of the hosts of The ThingCast.

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Boris Anthony
Strategic Director & Co-founder, Rebus Foundation

Apps as Things: We are part of the platform

We’ve evolved interacting with things in our environment. How do we make sure to not forget that, and discover more value, when we bring the digital—which we’ve so far experienced mainly individually and through screens—to the physical?

Boris Anthony

I figure things out, outlining early hunches. I seek the positive, the opportunities when looking at new situations, problematic or otherwise.

My process is essentially this: Break it down, abstract it up, figure it out, try it on.

I believe progress and innovation are based in creativity, confidence, experience and desire to go further.

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